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WesthamptonIn 2021, Westhampton was awarded a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Grant by the state of Massachusetts to create Westhampton’s first Resilience Master Plan and to update their Open Space and Recreation Plan. These plans are designed to help the town navigate the effects of climate change.

The Cooler Communities Program in Westhampton was intended to connect Hampshire Regional High School students to the towns’ planning process. While the town was engaged in working on a Master and Open Space Plan, HRHS students and teachers from 7th and 11th grade brought their work on climate solutions to the towns’ Fall Festival, where visitors could learn about topics as diverse as hydroponics, windmill construction, water wheels, and passive house design. Many visitors were amazed at how sophisticated the work of the students was.

The high school’s statistics class conducted and displayed an extensive survey of the school community on subjects related to energy use and the town’s Open Space plan. Have a look at their impressive work here: HRHS Cooler Communities Initiative.

Aside from viewing the students’ projects, visitors were asked to pledge climate actions themselves. The statistics class will do further work with these pledges.

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CoolerCommunities extends a HUGE THANK YOU to  the Community Foundation of Western MA for their generous support.

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