What is a Cooler Community Fair (CCF)?

Cooler Communities connects classroom learning to climate solutions by:

Supporting teachers by providing free curriculum, resources, and professional development to integrate climate solutions into their required curriculum

Inspiring students to become change agents at home and in their communities

Building bridges between schools, towns, volunteers, service providers, and parents to make our communities climate smarter 

Providing grants for school districts in Massachusetts to boost their climate education and host Cooler Communities fairs

Community Events: At Cooler Communities’ events, students’ work on climate change, energy and conservation becomes the centerpiece of a fun and informative, virtual or in-person community event that leads to measurable results and benefits for the students, their communities and the earth.

This website is a guide to a Cooler Communities Fair!

Cooler Communities
A fun event that attracts a broad audience to reduce carbon pollution
The town and schools collaborate to engage kids and adults
Compelling exhibits inspire residents to choose energy-saving actions
Actions and their impact on CO2 are tallied in a calculator
Students solve climate-related problems, create exhibits and lead change
Results are celebrated and used to inform follow-on programs