The Virtual Event, Energy Detectives, and More!

As we approach the end of the year and begin our program plans for next year, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all of our supporters, partners and dedicated educators for their continued commitment to climate education and resiliency. All of the amazing work our communities are doing, and the good climate news around the world, is a constant reminder that each person’s commitment – big or small – is a vital piece of a larger puzzle. This climate movement connects communities with a common goal and demonstrates the power of inclusive thinking, togetherness, growth and innovation. Together, through a myriad of individual and collective actions, we are creating a sustainable tomorrow for all.

Our First Cooler Communities Virtual Meet Up

Anyone interested in Cooler Communities, as well as all current or previous grant recipients are warmly invited to a virtual event to learn more about how you can incorporate climate change and sustainability into your classroom and curriculum.

The Energy Detectives Book – a free book for every student

The Energy Detectives Book teaches K-4 students about saving energy in a fun and engaging way. The best part? It’s FREE! We’re giving away 100,000 copies to interested teachers and all of their students to take home. You can place your order here.

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