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Northampton, MA Northampton

With a population of approximately 30,000, the City of Northampton serves as the county seat of Hampshire County, the home of Smith College, and as an academic, artistic, musical, and cultural center as well as a leader in protecting the environment and addressing climate change. It received the Audubon A Award for land conservation efforts that led to the protection of 25% of the land in the city and an Arbor Day Foundation for demonstrating higher levels of tree care and community engagement.

The Northampton Public Schools have created Transfer Goals that encourage students to develop problem solving skills so they can independently evaluate and address challenges they will face in school, careers, and society. Unique to NPS, the Transfer Goals will guide teachers and their students in the 2021-22 Cooler Communities program. Over the next several months, they will look at issues and projects in their schools as well as in their city. They will apply the Transfer Goals, including using “scientific knowledge to make informed personal, political, and civic decisions as they relate to and impact the natural environment and a diverse, global society.” This will form the basis of their work to identify actions that will further the city’s efforts to build resilience and reduce carbon emissions.

Cooler Communities Northampton was made possible with the generous support of The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.