Welcome to Cooler Communities Greenfield!

GreenfieldCOOLER COMMUNITIES LAUNCHED BY Greenfield High School ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB and Greening Greenfield

The launch of Cooler Communities, on June 11th, 2021 by Greenfield High School’s Environmental Science club was written up in this article in the Greenfield Recorder. An interactive website encouraged students and adults alike to make carbon pledges, thus committing to an action that reduced their carbon emissions.  

The excitement following the launch of Cooler Communities in Greenfield is captured by Jacob Frank, the chair of the Environmental Science Club, “Our club is proud to present a Cooler Communities event, in spite of the relatively tough COVID year.” He states that the goal is to “implement sustainable practices into the everyday actions of all Greenfield residents and Massachusetts as a whole, whether they be children or adults”.

A website, which is no longer online, offered numerous actions to choose from that ranged from weatherizing a home to altering our diet. It was created with the support of Greening Greenfield and Ener-G-Save, and made possible by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation with the goal of engaging students in meaningful learning around climate change solutions. Students are encouraged to share their journey with their families and communities. 

The Greenfield Cooler Community program was also supported by a grant of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.