Good News: Two Massachusetts Schools Switch to Clean Energy

Have you heard? Two Massachusetts public schools are addressing their reliance on fossil fuels by making the switch toward clean energy for heating and cooling. This is, in part, thanks to incentives from Washington D.C.

Hopkins Academy in South Hadley is a combined public middle and high school. They ditched their broken down-oil burning boiler for geothermal ground source heat pumps!

The New Bedford public school system is also turning away from their fossil fuel heating and cooling systems. The new DeValles Elementary School, currently under construction, will have ground source heat pumps as well.

The upfront costs of these geothermal heat pumps are normally around $14 million. However, with federal and state rebates, installation costs dropped to $6 million! This is significantly cheaper than other potential heating sources for these schools. This geothermal system will lower annual energy costs significantly when compared to more traditional forms of heating – like an oil burning boiler.

Read more about their process here.