Cooler Communities Newsletter Summer 2021

Dear Friends of Cooler Communities,

We all made it. Summer is here and gifted with inviting weather (at times!) and nature’s bounty we hope you all get a chance to relax, breathe in the scent of flowers, of moss or of something delicious on the grill, and re-charge your batteries. Especially for those of you who are working or learning in schools, we wish you a deeply restful and rejuvenating break and a much more predictable year ahead. 

We too are taking a break, wrapping up four wonderfully inspiring Cooler Communities events in SpringfieldAgawamGreenfield and Sherborn, our first venture in “the East.” From over 1500 students participating in Springfield and Agawam to a small group of High Schoolers at the Greenfield High School Environmental Club, all participants worked very, very hard to not lose sight of climate change and climate solutions during a very difficult school year. It’s that kind of commitment, focus and creativity that makes this program so rewarding!

And of course our sights are set on next year’s programs. We will be working with even more towns and will hopefully be able to include in-person events again!