Welcome to Cooler Communities Concord!

Concord MA

In February 2017, Concord’s Sustainable Energy Committee (CSEC) combined the key actions from the book “Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living” (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2012) with the community-based social marketing concepts from the book “Fostering Sustainable Behavior” (Douglas McKenzie-Mohr, 2011) to put together a unique and effective community event.

This event became the model on which all future Cooler Communities events were based and adapted from.

With support from the town and schools and lots of volunteer time, the Cooler Concord Fair (CCF) proved to be a very popular, fun and productive way to engage residents in reducing their CO2 emissions.

The major focus at the fair was ten (10) adult-led energy-saving Action Exhibits staffed by local experts and knowledgeable vendors. Students of all ages helped lead the Action Exhibits and also used STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) skills to develop their own exhibits for the fair.

The elements that were essential to Concord’s success are outlined here:

Essential Elements, Cooler Concord Fair

Concord continues to be a trail blazer in hosting community events and coaching residents in actions to reduce energy waste, electrify energy use and adopt other earth-friendly practices.