The Berkshires

Welcome to Cooler Communities in the Berkshires!

The Berkshires


A regional Cooler Communities event was piloted in the Berkshires in 2019 in collaboration with the Berkshire Earth Expo.

Following this success, the fifth annual Berkshire Earth Expo and Cooler Communities Challenge was hosted on the website of Berkshire Museum in the fall of 2020 and became our pilot program for other virtual events during the pandemic.

Showcased initially for a 14 day period in early November – yes, right during election time and COVID-winter really setting in – the program included a youth artists’ exhibition on climate change, student projects, workshops and webinars on ways to save energy, a community conversation about environmental justice, a movie and discussion with the filmmaker and more.

Organized by a small group of volunteers called Living the Change Berkshires the event attracted over 650 visitors who viewed over 2500 webpages.

As a result, Berkshire Museum agreed to keep the event online indefinitely, so you can still view the amazing line-up of students’ art and work, recorded webinars, film and poetry, and the many ways in which “visitors” to the event – you! – can take action. We’d love for you to join by following this link.