Hello and welcome to the Agawam Cooler Communities Challenge!

Agawam is a veteran of Cooler Communities, and tried something new for this, their 4th year of participation – it combined the Cooler Communities event at the Roberta Doering Middle School with the school’s science fair AND parent teacher conference day. The result was a cafeteria full of intriguing projects, a fancy electric car from a local dealer for visitors to see and an opportunity to sign up for cost-free home energy audits, among other actions. Not one but two local media outlets came to cover the event and interviewed students and visitors. Thank you, Agawam schools and main organizing teacher Tammy Rumplick, for your dedication to this work!



Pictures from Agawam's Cooler Communities Programs

Students turned familiar buildings into more energy efficient ones
Student pollinator project
The students created artful superhero projects with a focus on energy efficiency
A fun energy efficient building model project

Tammy Rumplick, lead organizing teacher: From student art to science projects, from vendors to webinars and town exhibits, our Cooler Communities events and this website showcase what our students learn in the classroom and highlight many of the actions we can take, to achieve a healthier, cleaner and more beautiful community for all.

Learn about and be inspired by young people’s smarts and care, from Elementary to Middle and High School.

The Agawam Cooler Communities Challenges led to: 

  • Over 800 visitors at the virtual and in-person events
  • Over 50 student exhibits ranging from carbon footprint education to energy options to plastic pollution
  • Over 200 actions pledged, for example:
  • Forty visitors signed up for free energy efficiency assessments
  • Others scheduled solar energy consultations or pledged to compost at home. Will you help us reach even more visitors, spread the word and pledge ways in which you will live in cleaner and healthier ways?

Thank you and enjoy this website, the student art and projects and the town’s pages!

Student Art & Projects
Town Projects
Events schedule
Taking Action


The first Agawam Cooler Communities Challenge happened in May 2019 and involved projects from all grade levels and many subjects, from poetry and visual arts to science. Close to 300 visitors came to see 16 student exhibits ranging from carbon footprint education to energy options to plastic pollution.

Agawam’s second event was a virtual campaign, stretching over several months and culminating in a virtual celebration on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

The program was linked to Agawam receiving a Municipal Vulnerability preparedness grant from the state of Massachusetts to improve stormwater management. Alongside student projects from science and other subjects, it also featured the Hitchcock Center and Enchanted Circle Theatre’s work with 5th graders on stormwater and storm drain designs. See their projects below.

Parents and other community members are still able to view student projects, above, as well as pledge their own actions on the Cooler Communities Agawam Action Platform. 

Here is Superintendent Sheila Hoffman, speaking about the schools’ participation in the event. 

Thank you!

Cooler Communities Agawam was made possible through the generous support of the Community Foundation of Western MA.

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