The first Agawam Cooler Communities Challenge happened in May 2019 and involved projects from all grade levels and many subjects, from poetry and visual arts to science. Close to 300 visitors came to see 16 student exhibits ranging from carbon footprint education to energy options to plastic pollution. More than 80 of these visitors pledged actions, half of them signing up for energy efficiency assessments for instance, while others scheduled solar energy consultations or pledged to compost at home.

You can find more pictures from the 2019 Agawam event here.

Agawam is now working on its second event, which will be a virtual campaign stretching over several months and culminating in a virtual celebration on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

Alongside student projects from science and other subjects, it will also feature the Hitchcock Center and Enchanted Circle Theatre’s work with 5th graders on stormwater and storm drain designs.

Parents and other community members will be able to view student projects as well as pledge their own actions on the Cooler Communities Agawam Action Platform. It will go online in March and will look similar to this one from the Berkshires.

Here is Superintendent Sheila Hoffman, speaking about the schools’ process in participating in the event.